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Hospital Moinhos de Vento


Hospital Moinhos de Vento
  • 255 New breast cancer cases treated per year
  • 30 Breast multidisciplinarity team members
Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses

Clinical Director: Maira CaleffiMD, PhD

The Nucleo Mama of Hospital Moinhos de Vento comprises a multi-professional team dedicated to breast health care, from monitoring routine exams for early detection of malignant tumours, diagnosis, and complete treatment at different stages of the disease and post-treatment monitoring. It offers the patient all the necessary care in the same place, which allows a more agile and accurate diagnosis, always prioritizing the patient and her/his family. The Center identifies patients and family members at high risk for breast cancer, treating them according to NCCN protocols. Also, Nucleo Mama carries the screening for asymptomatic women, symptomatic male patients and children. The Nucleo Mama Moinhos Center integrates all the medical and supportive areas necessary for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients with a positive history of cancer. The team includes breast dedicated surgeons, oncologists, geneticists, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists and nutritionists. All other dedicated breast specialists, imaging, pathologist, molecular biologist, nuclear medicine, etc., work at some hospitals.


Joint Commission Internacional

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Joint Commission Internacional

Joint Commission Internacional

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Hospital Moinhos de Vento

Ramiro Barcelos,910 - Moinhos de Vento
90035-000 PORTO ALEGRE, 
Phone: +55 5133142925
Fax: +55 5133142925

Last modified: 24 May 2022